Save money thanks to digital.

    With Liveness, you win on all areas.
    You achieve economies of scale and you reach a larger audience.

      • temps

        Save Time

        Not everybody needs to get around
      • ecologie

        Save ressources

        Improve your carbon footprint.
      • visibilité

        Boost your visibility

        Your audience is permanent and worldwide.
      • budget

        Optimize your budget

        Size your space exactly.

    Modulate your accommodation facilities

    Liveness fits in real time onto any kind of traffic.
    You benefit from the best user experience at a lower cost.

    • For all events

      grandes audience
      Liveness comes along from 50 to 5000 simultaneous participants.
    • Face-to-Face and Online

      présentiel et online
      Use all the features online and/or face-to-face according to the targeted audience.
    • Free access or Queue

      file d'attente
      You can set a maximum number of participants to control your budget.

    A 100 % web solution that fits onto any devices

    Our responsive interfaces fit onto any kind of devices, regardless their sizes or formats.
    The content differs if you participate online or face-to-face.

      multi-device mobile
      multi-device tablette
      multi-device ordinateur
      multi-device écran géant

    Size your tailor-made space

    You can modify configuration and interactions at any time.
    Our Back office allows you to keep control on all the publications.

    • Customisation

      marque blanche
      All the display elements of your interfaces are customizable.
    • Security

      Free , partial or private admission, you control the access to your interfaces
    • Moderation

      It’s up to you, in real time, to publish contents or not.