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  • Interaction

  • Control

  • Organization



    Publish your event Online

      • icône fonctionnalités diaporama


        Publish your presentations as a slide show. You can create playlists to organize the display order. A remote control allows you to to drive your PPT presentation.
      • icône fonctionnalités video

        Video Streaming

        Integrate Live and On-demand videos. You can publish directly from most popular platforms : Youtube, Dailymotion, Twitch, Vimeo, ……
      • icône fonctionnalités document


        Upload your documents directly Online. Attendees will be able to download them if you wish. PPT, Keynote or PDF files are automatically converted in slide show .
      • icône fonctionnalités fil d'actualité


        Create a newsfeed for your attendees. you can feed it gradually to give rhythm to your presentation. Moreover the latecomers will be able to follow the event along the way.


    Engage your audience

      • icône fonctionnalités questions participatives


        Engage your audience with Q&A in real time. Each participant can vote for those whom he finds relevant. A ranking by votes allows to highlight the significant questions.
      • icône fonctionnalités gestion par catégorie

        Category group

        Create categories to organize your session of présentation. Participants can post their questions on a specific category. Messages are thus automatically grouped in real time.
      • icône fonctionnalités sondage


        Call out your audience to engage it to participate. Polls and their results are updated in real time. You can thus answer live to the reactions of out attendees.
      • icône fonctionnalités questionnaire

        Satisfaction forms

        Detailed forms allow you to collect the opinion of participants. Publish them at the right time to optimize participation. Their analysis will help you to improve your communication.


    Keep your interfaces under control

      • icône fonctionnalités protection d'accès

        Access protection

        Your interface is freely accessible. If you wish you can protect it by a password system. You can either choose to lock access only to some interactive parts.
      • icône fonctionnalités modération des contenus

        Content Moderation

        You decide if the questions are public or if they must be validated by a moderator before being displayed. All the interactions of the users are customizable on the fly.
      • icône fonctionnalités controle en temps réel

        Real Time Control

        You manage in real time users’ interface. You can publish or remove any contents immediately. Thus you focus their attention on the media which you wish to highlight.
      • icône fonctionnalités authentification


        You can use your own users’ lists. Import directly your data and manage the accreditations of your event independently.


    Make the organisation of your communication simpler

      • icône fonctionnalités statistique d'audience

        Real time analytics

        You always know the number of participants connected to your event. All the data generated by the users are available in the back office live.
      • icône fonctionnalités file-attente

        Queue Process

        In case of overtaking of the planned capacity, the newcomers are redirected towards a queue. As soon as a participant disconnects, the next one on the waiting list takes automatically its place.
      • icône fonctionnalités marque-blanche


        Display your company logo, colors, fonts and custom image on the theme of all your interfaces. Themes are provided to make the integration simpler.
      • icône fonctionnalités envoi d'invitation

        Invitation sending

        Send invitations to your subscribers directly from the back office. The invitations contain the link towards the conference and can be sent by email or by SMS.