• Digital

  • Reachable

  • Available

  • flexible


    Create your own space of digital communication

    Liveness allows you to create a space in the cloud to publish your events in digital.
    You benefit from innovative tools to better communicate.

    • Reach a digital audience

      You can reach your audience in the room and also at any place in the world.
    • Create interaction

      You can collect feedbacks of participants and exchange live.

    Share your contents in a simple and intuitive way

    Liveness provides interfaces for participants, speakers and organizers.
    Everything is available through a browser connected to Internet .

    • Interfaces
      for attendees

      No application to download.
      A simple web link is enough for participating from everywhere.
    • A portal
      for the event

      Centralize all the informations in a portal dedicated to your event.
    • A back office
      for organizers

      You keep the complete control thanks to live moderation and supervision tools.

    Increase the visibility of your communication

    Thanks to the cloud, your space is available everywhere at any time.
    That allows you to communicate before, during and after your events.

    • Before Live : Promote your event and collect content upstream.
    • Live : Drive your presentations live and make your audience react.
    • After Live : Broadcast the record of your presentation on-demand.

    Benefit from the flexibility of the Cloud

    Liveness is a SaaS platform that is both flexible and robust.
    It provides all the benefits of an on-demand cloud solution.

      • Reachable from everywhere

        You only need a browser and an internet access to participate.

      • Available anytime

        You can communicate 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

    • Liveness dans le cloud
      • adjustable on the fly

        You keep the control of your accommodation facilities thus your budget.

      • Without capacity limits

        You can welcome several thousand participants at the same time.